Planetto is Israel's largest travel agency network


 The network brings together more than 50 travel agencies nationwide, with a combined sales turnover of over $300M.

The network was founded in 2004 and the main focus of our activities is the outgoing travel sector with a strong presence in the leisure market. For this purpose, a LTD company was established, which coordinates the activity of the network. Our business uniqueness lies in the fact that all the shareholders are the actual owners of the network's offices

Our Advantages



There are more than 650 authorized travel agents in the Planetto network, most of the offices with IATA licenses, members of the Israel Travel Agents Association and skilled in providing a wide range of tourism solutions.

Service and Accessibility

Due to the nationwide deployment of the travel agencies incorporated in Planetto and the wide variety, each customer can find the office closest to his home in order to make the purchase, pay or collect material, in case he prefers the personal contact over the network's advanced technology platforms


Due to its extensive purchasing power, Planetto has unique and varied products at low prices. Network agents can build the right vacation for each customer, both in terms of content and cost.


Planetto has agreements with major tourism providers in Israel and abroad, including Internet service providers, enabling Planetto agents to provide international Internet prices with the services of a Hebrew speaking travel agent. In addition, the travel agent at Planetto can also make purchases in installments with Internet providers. Planetto's size gives it an important position among the world's largest Internet providers and is treated favorably.

Our Technologies



Planetto has developed several key technology platforms to improve its marketing and sales force. One of Planetto's main goals is to be at the cutting edge of technology, understanding that this is the agent's way of dealing with the future

Planet Booking

Hotels search engines that combine results from 6 wholesalers, with the addition of wholesalers and other suppliers each year, in order to obtain the cheapest prices for the requested room. The system is also aware of the decline in prices and allows the agent to re-order with a cheaper price.

Planet master

All information needed to our travel agents, including deals and agreements,
while linking to all systems and ordering platforms of the various
suppliers in Israel and abroad.